Keys to Profitable Search Ads [Workshop Preview]

Search ads can drive profit on autopilot. Here is the example of one of our accounts that consistently brings in a 6-figure profit per year.

What’s even more interesting is this account requires less than 9 hours per month to analyze stats and to test new hypotheses.


What does it take to get results like this consistently?

3 skills to master to get consistent profit



All you need is to master 3 skills

  1. Finding profitable targeting options (keywords, audiences, location, age/gender, etc.)
  2. Finding the most profitable answer (ad+LP) per targeting option.
  3. Finding the most profitable base bid or bid adjustment per targeting option.

You need to find out which is the right combination of variables for your campaigns to generate profit.



Sounds easy, right?

Why then do so many businesses struggle to gain profit from search ads?

Watch our free workshop to discover what challenges you will face along the way.

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Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll learn in the workshop.

4 issues that occur when you get into the main pitfall of bid management



The main pitfall of bid management usually looks like:



What’s wrong with this approach? What are the 4 issues that occur when you get into this pitfall?

Watch our free workshop to find out.

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10 challenges on your way to the most profitable ads



The most profitable ads aren’t just created, they’re found by running ad tests in the right way. And most specialists don’t really follow this way.

For instance, they throw a bunch of ads into ad groups and consider that the ads test. Well, this “mass fight” of ads is not really a test.

Professionals know: the strongest ad can be found only via a “tournament” for ads, and not via a “mass fight”.



More advanced specialists run the tournaments, but consider an ad with a 95% probability to outperform as the winner.



Though, they don’t calculate Minimum Sample Size and Minimum Detectable effect before they launch such tests.



This leads to the fact that most of their experiments have no statistically significant winners.




Why is that? What are the 10 challenges you’ll face on your way to finding the most profitable ads?

See each explained in our free workshop.

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Most specialists consider building a profitable keyword list as just copy-pasting relevant keywords from a keyword suggestion tool. The third part of the workshop is devoted to opportunities they are missing with this approach and the issues they face.



How a typical working day of most PPC specialists looks like

They peek at stats on schedule or occasionally waste time on tweaking bids here and there. They ponder the same questions repeatedly without having a solid algorithm for decision-making.

At the end of the day, they just become sick and tired. And these chaotic movements make the generation of a consistent profit close to impossible.


Bonus: learn how to do impossible things

You can learn a lot of new things during the workshop. Plus, you already have a lot of ideas for what you can do in your campaigns to make more profit. But how do you fit all these actions into a short working day? It’s close to impossible, right?

The bonus part of the workshop will tell you how to do impossible things on your way to profit.



Like it or not, some things you think you should do in your ad accounts are unnecessary or even harmful. Other things can be easily automated either via built-in or third-party tools.

We’ll talk about automation and algorithms for deciding on bids, keywords, ads, etc. Plus, how to spend less time in the accounts and increase the efficiency of the ad management at the same time.

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