Let’s optimize your campaigns together – join PROMO SYSTEMS’ community

Ok, you’ve learned new PPC tactics and strategies today. What will you do with it? Information without action is merely entertainment.

5 simple steps to make use of what you’ve just learned:

1. Get access to the community forum

You need our premium account for this.

2. Tell community members about your case

Tell a bit about a business you advertise, campaigns’ setup, and the main problem you’re trying to solve. It could be raise ROI, improve conversion rate from lead to sale, decrease cost-per-order, get more sales, get more profit, track conversions more accurately, etc.

3. Get advice

Get advice on how to solve your specific problem faster and for less. In some cases, it’s a ready-to-use solution, in others – a tactic to test.

4. Set up an experiment

Advanced specialists know that anything that others claim to be the “best practice” may not be the best option in your case. And a lot of “commonly known facts” turn out to be just special cases or not true at all. This is why I encourage specialists to put any idea to a test, not just blindly implement it.

Our guides will help you to run experiments the right way – when the results are statistically significant and when you can learn from the results. You’ll learn, how to calculate the exact number of clicks when you should stop an experiment.

5. Share stats, get feedback and guidance

Conclusions from some tests’ results are not obvious. You may have doubts, questions.

How cool is to have a second opinion on your stats… Someone to ask for feedback. Someone who can point out something you didn’t even think of. Share stats of your experiments and get feedback and guidance from me and other community members.


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