7) [Algorithm for decision-making] Which keywords should go to a single ad group and which need a dedicated one? Recommended tools for automating this process.

Some specialists group keywords using their intuition. This usually leads to the following:

  • Merging keywords that sound similar, but have different user intent and need different ads and LPs
  • Creating redundant ad groups for keywords that belong to a single ad group (even though the keywords sound differently)
  • Wasting time guessing which keywords belong to a single ad group and which need a dedicated one

Other specialists use third-party tools that group phrases that contain the same word into a dedicated ad group automatically.

Neither approach is optimal. This lesson helps you understand why, what to do instead, and what tools you can use to perform this task much faster.

You’ll also learn about built-in features that help you make your account structure leaner. This allows you to spend less time on its management and allows machine learning to drive better results.


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